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     Well, it's not always easy to be on the cutting edge of technology.  New devices are released pratically every day from a widecross section of different manufacturers.  It's our job to try and keep up with this pace by bringing you the latest and the greatest accessories for these new devices.

   First stop on the new-product express is our line of Waterproof Cases.  Now we've organized a single page with the latest and greatest cases to protect your device against the slings and arrows of the environment.  Go to the beach, go on a boat, heck you can even go in the shower with these cases!  Designed using space age polymers these cases were originally designed by a company that specialized in protecting prosthetics.  How appropriate.  Many of us consider our smartphone to be an extension of ourselves!.

     Next up, we decided to focus on those of us who walk (run actually) a different path.  Not everyone who owns  a smartphone spends their time watching Star Trek reruns.  Some of us go out into the real world for a run or jog (you can even use a treadmill, we won't tell).  These people have been clamoring for armband cases, and now we're giving them what they want.

    Both of those two products are just fine if where you are going is in reach of a decent cell signal.  But what about those of us who live in more rural areas, or who decide to consciously go to these rural ares (don't ask us why)? How do you increase your ability to grab a decent cell signal so you can provide up to the minute Facebook updates to your friends showing them how you can actually spend time away from the computer?  Enter out line of antenna signal boosters.  Go out!  Be in Nature! Just don't be without that cell signal...

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     Is that all we offer you ask?  Not by a long shot.  Now we're also giving you the ability to cruise the streets, back roads, and trails with our extensive line of bicycle mounts.  Just mount one of these bad boys to your Huffy and hit the pavement.  Tunes, GPS, even the occasional phone call are now easy and right at your fingertips.  Jus don't forget to keep your eyes on the road.  We can't be liable if you veer out into traffic while searching for today's latest Groupon deal.  Don't have a bike?  Prefer the open road in a car?  Grab our deluxe mount and hit the road.

      Are your fingers fat?  That might be a personal question, but what the heck if you're on this site you probably already realized we don't stand on formality.  If you can't access your screen without feeling like a full-fingered fool then you've got two options now.  First, you can get a wireless bluetooth keyboard.  That might sound like an expensive solution, but it works well and makes your smartphone feel more like a laptop.  Want to save a bunch of rapidly depreciating dollars?  Grab one of our much less expensive touch screen stylus's and solve your problem for a fraction of the cost.

        And while we're on the subject of saving money, getting out into nature and generally being a better person, why not take it a step further?  Order one of our new solar chargers and you can cut the lines to the power company once and for all.  Each charger acts as an independent power source which charges an internal battery by the light of the sun, but then gives that power back to you wherever and whenever YOU need it.  How cool is that?

        Ok.  By now you're probably starting to see a theme here right?  Basically everything we're talking about gets you away from your desk and out into the great wide world.  You can protect, carry, charge and interact with your device in ways that you probably never even considered before.  And for all your little smartphone buddy can offer you, why not let it also entertain?  With our line of mini portable speaker pods you can plug a rechargeable speaker into your headphone jack and bring the party wherever you go.  So cool because it literally fits in your pocket, this new product makes you the DJ at any gathering.  Need a little Barry White in a pinch to make the moment more romantic?  We've got you covered.