A New Private Browser “Tor” is Getting Released as Android App

Tor Browser Android AppComing soon from team Alpha, this brand new app is being offered with the same features as the desktop version of the software. Tor Project believes it needs to be improved.

Tor Browser Will be Available on Android from Team Alpha
In a move that is making Tor Browser more visible to many people, Team Alpha is about to release a new app to use the browser on smart devices.

The app is available to download on Google Play as well as the team’s website. Tor is regarded as one of the best tools online to protect the privacy that doesn’t want a record of their browser activities. Tor works his magic by funneling internet traffic through a pervasive network of volunteer servers across the world. It’s very helpful if you need to keep your tracks hidden since it scrambles the details of the location of the users as well as their IP address.

Alpha Team has pursued this app with resilience since they want to increase the number of uses for the browser in mobile devices so they can enjoy the same privacy features that desktop users have been familiar with for many years. Tor is the browser of choice for many activists, as well as journalists doing undercover work. Sadly it’s also the software preferred by many criminals that use the Internet to be able to communicate and avoid tracking by security offices around the world. Even with this downside, Tor is incredibly useful to bypass censorship in many places with restrictive government regulations on the Internet.

New Tolls for Ever-Needed Protection

Tor has also become a very popular browser among regular users of the Internet that want to avoid the ongoing abuse of corporations to track down their web activity of search engines to offer targeted advertising. The software encrypts the information about the computer running it, so it’s impossible for cookies to take hold for ad-related purposes.

Access to Tor was not exactly new for smart device users. Android users had the option to use the browser will the features by installing an app named Orfox, created by an activist group nicknamed “Guardian Project.” Recently Tor Project stated that Orfox would be retired in 2020, and the new version created by Alpha Team will work in its stead. Be careful though: you will still need to download Orbot to use the new app to connect to the network. Team Alpha is currently working to fix this issue.

iPhone (iOS) users can check out the Onion Browser, an iOS version of same app with Tor features inside.