About Us

The world is in your pocket, and you haven’t noticed yet. That’s what we aim to remind our readers every single time they visit us here at the Pocket Solution. This, not a new idea, after all, smartphones have been with us for almost ten years now, and internet connection is currently undergoing development to evolve into the 5th iteration or what it will be known as 5G. What has changed, is the number of things we can do with our smart devices as well as the efficacy and versatility of them with every new upgrade. Smartphones and tablets have overtaken the computer world making the desktop an obsolete device. Apps have replaced the old fashioned bookmarks on our browsers, and there seems to be no turning back from this.

At the Pocket Solution, our goal is to keep you posted with the latest information about smart devices of all brands, sizes, and shapes. We want you to experience the growth of this technology in fair terms and without resorting to sales pitches to make you buy something that you don’t need. We are firm believers that embracing a market that is so competitive by offering some objectivity in the news you read is a breath of fresh air and something that can actually be helpful to base your decisions on the type of devices you should get or the apps you should download. At the Pocket Solution we want your smart devices to last and get the best of them, so we hope you enjoy the ride!