Best Instagram Hacking Software of 2019 & How to Use It

You know that horrible feeling right? When you can’t seem to log in to Instagram. It can feel like a heavy weight on our chest. Losing access to an instagram account can be a traumatic experience. We have so many conversations and posts on our accounts that we would never want to be given to anyone else. When this happens, we tend to search for quick fix solutions. Unfortunately, there are many methods that simply don’t work. Luckily, there is a software product known as “IG-Ripper” which can successfully hack Instagram accounts. The tool was first discovered by Frank Verhoeven. You can read his research here. This is one of the best working methods of 2019. It can allow you to regain access to your IG profile in just few minutes. The software is very easy to use. In this guide, we will explain how it works, how to install on your device, and how to recover an Instagram account by using the tool. We will also review the effectiveness of this method when compared to other Instagram hacking methods to judge which one is the best to use.

What is the “IG-Ripper” Exactly?

Instagram Password Hack SoftwareIG-Ripper is a software that functions as a hack tool. Once it is downloaded, it can be used to hack an Instagram account password. The tool uses a classic method of hacking known as a “brute-force attack”. This is one of the oldest and most successful methods of breaking into password-protected accounts. It involves a concentrated and repeated attempt of many password combinations. Depending on the strength of the password, the tool can successfully use this method to find the right password and gain successful entry into the account. It is important to use this tool only to recover an account you own. Using it for any other purposes is strictly forbidden and considered illegal. This application can potentially be dangerous if used in the wrong hands.

What is a Brute-Force Attack?

IG-Ripper uses a modernized version of a brute-force attack which has been perfectly tailored to work with Instagram. There are many protection mechanisms that Instagram has implemented to prevent such attacks. However, IG-Ripper is able to bypass all of these mechanisms, and the software has been crafted to slip past most layers of protection. The ‘login limit’ imposed by Instagram is designed to stop brute force attacks. However, this program uses a built-in VPN (Virtual Private Network) that allows many login attempts to be successfully used. They are from different IP addresses, and therefore all attempts will go through until eventually, the attempt with the right password secures the log-in.

Download the Software

IG-Ripper is available on many devices and below we explain how to install and use this software on each device.

ig-ripper appTo download IG-Ripper, visit its authors file page here where it was first released by Conexio hacking team. This link is the same for all devices, and there are specific options that allow you to select your device.

Windows Guide

The first step to install the application is to navigate the website and click on the “PC (Windows)” option. This will open up a download link. The application supports Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. The file will then start to download. You should open up the file once it has finished downloading and the software will begin to install. After installation, you will see the application on your homepage. You should open it and then navigate to You should then press the start button which will begin the operations of attempting to hack Instagram account.

Android Guide

This software is also available for Android OS. It supports all operating systems over 4.1 (Jelly Bean). This covers both smartphones and tablets. Currently, the application is not on the Google Play Market. The APK file can be downloaded directly from the website. Once, you have downloaded it you will need to drag and drop it into your device’s installation folder. You should then disconnect the device from your computer and start the installation. After it has been installed, you should visit the Instagram application from your phone and then start running the IG-Ripper application on your phone. This will begin the process.

iPhone & iPad Guide

IG-Ripper also comes in an iOs application that can be used for both iPhones and iPads. It supports versions of 7.0 and above. There is no jailbreak required for this application. You can visit the download page on your device, and the application will begin to be installed. It will show some instructions regarding security permissions. You must grant these permissions for the app to be installed. Once it has been installed, you can navigate to the Instagram application on your device and enter the target username. You can then switch back to the Instarapper application, and it will start working.

Mac Guide

IG-Ripper can also be used on iMacs. It supports operating systems of 10.9 and newer. You should go to the website link and choose the “Mac App” option. This will cause a download to start. You can then open the file which will be shown on your homepage. You should right-click the file and click install. After the software has been installed, you can open it and visit the Instagram website. You can then enter the credentials, and the application will start working.


IG-Ripper is a fantastic and effective tool that can help you to hack Instagram password. This can allow regaining access to an account that has either been hacked or one where you are unable to log in. It can be a vital tool if you ever forget your password. However, it can easily fall into the wrong hands and cause malicious activity. We urge you never to use the software to perform any illegal activity whatsoever. By reading this review, you will understand that the software itself is easy to use and can work well on many devices. IG-Ripper is amongst one of the top tools for Instagram password hacking in 2019.