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Samsung Evergreen Retractable Data Transfer Cable

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    Our Retractable USB Sync Cable not only synchronizes your device and your computer, but it also charges the device as part of the bargain. So you never need to travel with a cradle or seperate charger again.
    Think of it whether you commute to work, travel on business or just like the security of knowing your device is getting charged, no matter where you are then the Samsung Evergreen Retractable Sync and Charge Cable is just the thing.See more Details below.

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Samsung Evergreen Retractable Data Transfer Cable

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    Since your phone or PDA is a portable device, it is a great resources on the road, or in the office. Almost every device is sold with what is called a cradle or hot sync. Now you can own a retractable sync you can carry in your pocket!

    The Samsung Evergreen Retractable Data Transfer Cable serves two purposes:

    1) To recharge the device

    2) To synchronize information on the device with a computer.

    Many cradles have two cables, one that connects to an outlet for supplying power, and the second that attaches to the computers USB port to synchronize information.

    Cradles are great devices which can keep a device at itís peak effectiveness. Thankfully, a bright engineer realized that the very same USB port on your computer which synchronizes information on your device, also is capable of supplying power. From this revelation, it was an easy step to creating a single cable, one that could provide both power and data to a device simultaneously. We are making these pocket sized sync cables, when it says 'Pocket Solutions,' you know it is a high quality product.

    Approximate length: 4 (retracted) & 40 (stretched)

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