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ATT R225 Antenna Signal Booster

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    Now you can dramatically reduce your dropped calls! The ATT R225 Antenna Signal Booster allows the signal from your cell phone to pass harmlessly through the windows and metal of your car.

    The best part is that now on the outside of your car is an antenna that most cell phones only dream of having access to. 10 inches of beautiful signal-repeating antenna makes sure that you've got a signal in areas where your phone's puny internal antenna could never hope to reach. See More Details below.

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ATT R225 Antenna Signal Booster

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    It almost doesn't matter who your cell phone carrier is, we've all experienced areas of no coverage. Most of the time we find these areas while driving in the car. You're in the middle of what's hopefully a hands-free conversation and then........nothing. Its not your fault, you've never been through this neighborhood, so you had no idea you were entering a dead zone.

    Well like most of us you probably grin and bear these instances of limited coverage, after all, what can you really do about it?

    Well, we're here to tell you that you actually can do something about these areas. What you see before you now is a signal repeater. Install the antenna on the outside of your windshield or rear window, and then place the interior receiver exactly lined up through the glass with the outer piece. Now the signal from your cell phone is picked up by the internal receiver, transduced through the glass to the outer antenna, and Ta Da! The signal that was being cut down by the glass of your car is not only passing safely through the gass, but being transmitted by the 10 antenna on the outside of your car. It's not perfect, but we guarantee it's much better reception than your getting now!

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