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Iphone 4 Bicycle (Bike) Mount

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    Don't take your eyes off of the road!! Words to live by if you like to bicycle, and now it's even easier to live by these words with our new Iphone 4 Bicycle (Bike) Mount.

    This mount let's you quickly and easily answer calls, listen to music, or even use the GPS on your device while ridinig. Pretty darn awesome right?!?

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Iphone 4 Bicycle (Bike) Mount

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    Ok, so this is going to sound a little crazy. Realistically, who needs to mount their cell phone or PDA on a bike's handlebars? Can't we just leave work behind us and enjoy the serenity of a bicycle ride? Well, the problem is not that most people NEED their phone with them when they're biking, it's that most people TAKE their phone with them. Think about it, a flat tire, a bent rim, or any of life's little pitfalls can waylay an otherwise great ride. Your cell phone might be the best and only way to make sure help is always nearby.

    So if for a moment we agree that having your phone with you on a ride is better than NOT having it, then the next logical thing is to decide WHERE to keep your phone. Sure it could go in a pocket (if you weren't worried about it falling out). Or maybe in that cute little pouch where you keep your tire repair kit? A decent enough choice, but both places contain one glaring problem;

    What if your phone rings? "Ignore it" you say? If you can do that then you don't need this product. But if you have kids, or a spouse, or just a boss that has to be constantly in contact, then chances are good you need to at least glance at your phone to see who it is. Even if you don't answer it, you need the option.

    So now you've got the phone mounted front and center. What other practical purpose could this have? Well, you can use the speakerphone to answer that quick call. Better yet, you can listen to music and change tracks, stations, or channels safely and without looking away from the road. So it's convenient, safe, and inexpensive. What's not to like?

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