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iPhone 4 Leather Pouch

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If you like to run, jog, or just get your fair share of exercise, this armband case is for you! The adjustable neoprene strap lets you place the armband in easy reach, and conveniently plug in your earphones!

-Easy to put on and take off
-Extra pocket for valuables
-Secure strap to hold your device
-Access to earphone port
-Adjustable "comfort" strap
-Can be worn on your ankle

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Only: $22.22
iPhone 4 Leather Pouch

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    The Leather Pouch Case is the top-of-the-line leather device case you can own. This case features a soft lining that caresses your device the way it deserves to be caressed. Its magnetic closure system ensures your device is protected as well as pampered. And the belt clip gives you the option of displaying your device in its stylish case right on your hip or taking off the case and walking around with that haughty “I'm not the sort of guy who wears a device” look.

    We strive to make certain that our cases make you look good, even if you don't have to break the bank to buy one. Get a handsome case for your new phone with paying a handsome price. (We just made that up!)

    Exterior Dimensions: 22mm x 65mm x 121mm

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