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iPhone 4 Coiled Sync Cable

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iPhone 4 Coiled Sync Cable

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    THE POLICE PUT IT BEST WHEN THEY SAID, “With one breath, with one flow, you will know synchronicity.” And that’s just part of the reason we offer a iPhone 4 Coiled Sync Cable. The other part of the reason is that our USB sync cable not only synchronizes your device and your computer, but it also charges the device as part of the bargain. So you never need to travel with a cradle again.

     Think of it – whether you commute to work, travel on business or just like the security of knowing your device is getting charged, no matter where you are – then the iPhone 4 Coiled Sync Cable is just the thing.

     Now, we know what you’re thinking: Heavens to Betsy, charging through a USB cable, I bet that takes forever? That’s what you’re thinking, right? Want to know how fast can you charge your device with the USB Synchronization Cable? Faster than you can imagine. Snap your fingers. There – it’s charged already. Seriously, you’ll get a 45% charge in just minutes and be 85% charged in 45 minutes. Fast enough for you? Advanced circuit protection ensures your device stays safe throughout the entire charging process.

     And needless to say – though we’re saying it anyway, to be safe – the iPhone 4 Coiled Sync Cable synchronizes your data just like a cradle.

     The cable instead of the cradle – fast charging and easy carrying. What will they think of next? We know – how about a new Stylus to go with your cable!

     The iPhone 4 Coiled Sync Cable – we’re certain you’ll get a charge out of it.

     Standard Sync Cable Approximate cord length: 59"

     Coiled Sync Cable Approximate cord length: 20" (unextended) & 55" (stretched)

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