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iPhone 4 Hot Pink Textured Silicone Case

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iPhone 4 Hot Pink Textured Silicone Case

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    Rubber is something of a miracle. It is an elastic hydrocarbon polymer that occurs as a milky emulsion (known as latex) in the sap of a number of plants but can also be produced synthetically. Due to its hyperelasticity, rubber exhibits unique physical and chemical properties.

    All of which is why we think youíll agree our iPhone 4 Silicone Rubber Case for your device is pretty darn miraculous. Itís a slip- and impact-resistant case that offers access to all your deviceís slots, memory cards, stylus and other functionality. Itís soft, so youíre less likely to cut yourself or accidentally put your eye out. It wonít slip all over the place, a common problem with non-rubberized device cases. And itís resistant to sudden light blows of the sort youíre likely to deliver to your device when itís acting up.

    Okay, so now youíve got your device in its rubberized case and youíre all happy, life is good, and then suddenly, bang! You need to go somewhere. Now what are you going to do? How are you going to transport that device in its rubberized case from where you are to where you need to go? Well, just slip it in your pocket, purse, or briefcase. That's the beauty of the iPhone 4 Silicone Rubber Case, it completely protects your device from any damage just tossing it around could cause. So when you're ready for a night on the town, just slip your device out of it's rubberized case and slide it's shiny new butt into one of our high quality leather cases. Go for it, you're device will thank you.

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