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iPhone 4 Screen Shield & Stylus Package

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    We've now combined two of our most popular products into a single package deal. Save money by buying a stylus and a package of three screen protectors for one low price.
    Our screen protectors not only keep your device from being scratched, but they also improve the touch of your finger or stylus on the screen, and also prevent smudging and glare.
    Our stylus tips are manufactured from the softest allowable material to enhance smoothness. The iPhone 4 Screen and Stylus Package contains 3 screen protectors & a stylus.See below for more Details.

Only: $14.95
iPhone 4 Screen Shield & Stylus Package

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    A DEVICE WITHOUT IT'S STYLUS IS POINTLESS: Maybe you lost your original stylus. Maybe you just want a stylus with a softer tip. Perhaps you’re the rare individual who is a stylus collector. Whatever the case, have we got a stylus for you. The iPhone 4 Screen and Stylus Package delivers the latest advances in stylus design and fabrication technology. It has an even softer tip than the stylus that originally came with your device. Made from nylon, this stylus won’t scratch your screen, so both text and images remain bright, clear and legible.

     Plus, it’s designed to fit perfectly into your device’s silo. Like they were made to be together. Have we thought of everything or what?

    YOU’VE HEARD OF SCREENSAVERS, of course. But screen protectors, what are those?

     Before we answer, let us tell you that screen scratches are one of the top complaints of device users. They make reading difficult and make writing unpleasant as well. Many owners simply throw away their device when it becomes scratched. So how do you keep scratches from happening in the first place?

     Now you probably understand the purpose of screen protectors. Our iPhone 4 Screen and Stylus Package is exactly the protection your device screen needs. They protect against dust, dirt and scratches so the screen stays clean, clear and readable. The transparent film – so thin you almost don’t see it at all – provides long-lasting protection. And not only does it look great, but it has a pleasant feel to it too, so you’ll enjoy writing and tapping on the screen every bit as much as you ever did.

     Think about it: Now you can loan your device to a colleague – even a child – and not worry about your screen getting scratched. And you can enjoy many years of device service without having to replace your favorite, broken-in, customized model due to a few screen scratches.

     The iPhone 4 Screen and Stylus Package contains 3 screen protectors & a stylus.

     The iPhone 4 Screen and Stylus Package is the simply the best stylus & screen protector you can get for your device. Guess we’ve made our point.

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