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Samsung Mythic Waterproof Case

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So you're looking for a waterproof case for your Samsung Mythic? Well, there may be several to choose from, but meet the first Samsung Mythic Waterproof case that lets you pump out the air to create a perfect vacumm seal while still being able to plug in your headphones!

-Vacuum sealed
-Stays dry even underwater
-Crystal clear for photo taking
-Stereo & Microphone jack
-Buoyant removable armband
-Every case tested overnight

See below for more details.

Only: $34.95
Samsung Mythic Waterproof Case

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    IMAGINE: YOU’RE CAUGHT IN A DOWNPOUR. Blinded by the storm, you fall into a swimming pool. And just when you pull yourself out – some joker dumps Gatorade on your head! What a bad morning! You want to call your boss and say you’ll be getting in late, but you can’t remember her number. Do you dare take out your device to look it up?

     You certainly do – if, that is, your device is protected by a Samsung Mythic Waterproof Case. Because with this waterproof case, you get the best access possible to your device while keeping it completely dry. The Samsung Mythic Waterproof Case has an adjustable neoprene handstrap for convenient carrying.

     And have we mentioned lately that this waterproof device case is made of ABS Plastic? ABS is not just hard – it’s practically indestructible. It has extremely high tensile strength and is corrosion resistant. Plus, it’s cool – nobody messes with ABS plastic.

     The other really cool thing about this case is that it comes with removable padding inside which not only protects your PDA, but also allows you to customize the Samsung Mythic Waterproof Case to use an extended battery on your PDA (Sold Seperately) and still put your PDA inside the case. We have a large selection of extended batteries, so please check the Samsung Mythic Accessories page to see if we offer one for your device.

     Need more than possibly the world’s greatest &mvt:product:name; for your device? Okay, how about ordering a nice Replacement Stylus to go with that.

     As they say – when it rains, it pours!

     Exterior Dimensions: 6.50"x 3.875"x 1.625"

     Interior Dimensions: 6.00"x 3.375"x 1.125"

     Weight: 0.5625lb

Waterproof Earbuds!

    Yes, you heard that right, now we offer completely submersible earphones to go with your waterproof case!  These earbuds are designed to produce high quality acoustics using new polymer cones which are impervious to water.  Now you can swim with your music player or smartphone safely inside our waterproof case, but listen to all of your tunes.

    Great for the coach who takes Gatorade showers, or the skinny kid who gets constantly thrown in the pool.  If you're not cool enough to have either of these thinigs happen to you, then at least you can wear these in the rain without fear.

(must be purchased seperately from the Waterproof Case)
waterproof earbuds

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