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BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Waterproof Drypak

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BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Waterproof Drypak

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The BlackBerry Pearl 8110 Dry-Pak's Ultra-Clear Polymer Window allows you to use your stylus just as you normally would -even right there in Davey Jones' locker!

Waterproof Earbuds!

    Yes, you heard that right, now we offer completely submersible earphones to go with your waterproof case!  These earbuds are designed to produce high quality acoustics using new polymer cones which are impervious to water.  Now you can swim with your music player or smartphone safely inside our waterproof case, but listen to all of your tunes.

    Great for the coach who takes Gatorade showers, or the skinny kid who gets constantly thrown in the pool.  If you're not cool enough to have either of these thinigs happen to you, then at least you can wear these in the rain without fear.

(must be purchased seperately from the Waterproof Case)
waterproof earbuds

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