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The Ultimate Charger

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The Ultimate Charger

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How would you like to have one less thing to worry about?Intriguing idea, isn't it? One less charger to worry about, one less thing to forget at home. Our Ultimate Charger works with any USB charging cable. Think about that. An ecologically friendly option to avoid wasteful landfill.

So what do you get? What does it do? The Ultimate Charger works two ways. First, it allows you to plug your USB charging cord (sold seperately) into any 110v wall outlet. This combination effectively charges your device whenever you are near an outlet. What makes this adapter unique is that it also has an internal 1300mAh rechargeable battery!!!

So what? Well this means that when you unplug the Ultimate Charger, it can also serve as a PORTABLE POWER SUPPLY. How cool is that!?! You can either charge your device, or run it directly off the Ultimate Charger and conserve your device's internal power. It's great for travelling, and especially handy for long flights when you want to use your device, but still safely know you'll arrive at your destination with a full battery.

When it comes to cool accessories, the Ultimate Charger is just about as cool of an accessory as we've ever seen. That's saying something.

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