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Accessories for the newest devices!
Droid Incredible 2 Accessories Verizon Trophy Accessories

Droid Incredible 2 Accessories

     Who needs an iPhone? If you're a Verizon customer,the hot new device is the Incredible 2, and we've got Droid Incredible 2 accessories. No more guessing, no more standing in line.
     Heck even to this day we talk about Verizon's last great PDA the Droid X. We're fully stocked with Incredible 2 accessories like; Droid Incredible 2 car chargers, Incredible 2 screen protectors, and the Incredible 2 stylus. If you're headed off for an adventure, get the Droid Incredible 2 Waterproof Case!

Verizon HTC Trophy Accessories

      It never fails. Once a new HTC device comes out, the calls start coming in for us to 'do our thing'. Well, we say; "SURE!" Now you can choose from any of our HTC Trophy Accessories
      A neat new product we have is the Verizon Trophy Car Charger. Unlike having a regular Trophy charger, the car charger allows you to 'top off' your Trophy's battery whenever you decide to motor down to the local store or pub! Add an HTC Trophy Automount while you're at it!

Dell Venue Pro Accessories HTC HD7 Accessories

Dell Venue Pro Accessories

       Well oddly enough, here comes another unloved Dell device.  This one (the Dell Venue Pro) is running Microsoft's latest bloated software package. Why don't these people just quit?  
       If you've got to have Dell Venue Pro Accessories, we can equip you with the neccessary car charger, home charger, or even screen protector.  But why bother?  Get an Android or iPhone and be happy!

HTC HD7 Accessories

        So let's get this out of the way, we've got plenty of HD7 Accessories. Don't call or write asking if we've got the HD7 Auto Mount (automount). We do. Heck, we're fully stocked. There, we've said it.
       How many other websites can offer you a 3 pack of HTC HD7 Screen Protectors for only $4.95? No other, we promise. Why buy 12 or 15 when you can save money?

Droid Bionic Accessories Nexus S 4G Accessories

Droid Bionic Accessories

      I'm going to let you in on a little secret. I like a keyboard on my smartphone. Not some namby-pamby touchscreen keyboard, but actual keys you can press. Even so, the Droid Bionic Screen Protector is still a necessity.
      So you're a typing fool like I am? HA! then you need power! Our Power Package includes a Droid Bionic car charger and Droid Bionic wall charger for just $24.95. Double HA! Be sure you're getting the right one. That might not be an issue when trying to get a Droid X car charger, but the stylus and screen protector are very different for each model. 

Nexus s 4G Accessories

       Probably the most confusing thing about getting Nexus S 4G Accessories is that they can be confused with the original Nexus devices. For example, if you're looking for a Nexus 4G accessory, you better be darn sure you're getting the right one.
        The great thing about Pocket Solutions is that we offer an easy to use menu which gets you right to accessories for your Nexus 4G without sending you through a maze of other devices.  Get straight to your Nexus 4G solar charger or waterproof case eith absolutely no hassle whatsoever.

But wait there's more! We also carry a full complement of AT&T HTC Evo Shift 4G Accessories, HTC Thunderbolt accessories, Motorola Atrix accessories, and Motorola Citrus Accessories. Because of the increasing popularity of certain devices, we've decided to carry all the Blackberry Curve 9330 accessories you'll need. So don't think we've forgotten about you. Join the revolution now and be sure you have great HTC Arrive Accessories like Arrive screen protectors. We've assembled the largest selection of colors and styles anywhere on the internet. If you're a gadget junkie like we are, you also know the Verizon Incredible S came out and that we have these accessories ready to ship. Motorola Bravo accessories are available too. But our real coup has been nailing down TMobile Desire S Accessories first. We even have Blackberry Style 9670 accessories for those of you ahead of the curve (if you get that joke, then you spend way too much time around smartphones).